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5 days ago

Great place to live, have lived there for two years and have no complaints. Close to campus and other conveniences. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to live in Blacksburg.

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18 days ago

This apartment is very good for the price. I have enjoyed living here for the past two years. Maintenance requests are fixed really quickly. The walls are kinda thin, but it is better than other apartments in the area.

Justin Profile Thumb


24 days ago

Great and safe place to live. Close to the university and convenient location for groceries. Everything is minutes away and walking furnace. Buses are also available.

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Verified Resident

28 days ago

Moving out in a couple of months, living here has been great so far, and two years flew past me because it was made easy! Will miss this place!

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1 month ago

The resident experience is a multifaceted concept that is influenced by a range of factors, including the physical condition of the residence, the quality of amenities and services available, and the overall sense of community fostered among residents. For individuals seeking to improve their resident experience, it may be helpful to focus on identifying and addressing areas of concern in each of these areas, as well as building positive relationships with property management and neighbors.

Freeman Profile Thumb


1 month ago

It's alright. However an issue I have is with the electricity utility. In order to save money on electricity I have to turn off the AC, which means it can get very cold in the night. It's not that I can't afford it, it's just that I don't feel like it's worth the money.

Andrew Profile Thumb


1 month ago

It’s been pretty good here. Very quiet and clean place to live. The parking lot for the main buildings could be a little better haha. But over all it’s been great.